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Reservations/Bookings could be made by telephone, online, sms, chat, email or fax. All reservations will be emailed with an actual quote. Quote is an estimated fare. Quote price will not include tolls, extra stops, parking & waiting time. Final charges may vary. Discount/Promo codes can be applied at any time prior to Driver assignment to the job. Credit card is not required at the time of booking but must be attached to the reservation day of the job. Airport pick ups will be booked with flight arrival time and will be changed as a flight eta’s change. If inside meet & greet is requested we will be inside upon domestic arrival and 45 minutes after international arrival unless specific time instructed by a customer. Driver will be waiting at the designated spot with a greeting sign. Please give us your mobile number and email so we can send you confirmation and any other communication from us regarding your job.

Price Quotes/Final Charges:

Fare for bookings are calculated by a specific formula that combines mileage and time together. Price will not change due to weather, date, time or because of special event thats on a route. Price will change if destination is different than booked, extra stops, waiting time, added tolls & parking fees. For prebooked reservations waiting time will be charged after 15 minute free grace period in 15 minutes increments. 

Airport Pick up Policy:

We provide some free waiting time for airport pick ups. If the customer is not inside the vehicle after 45 minutes for domestic arrival and 75 minutes for international flight we will charge waiting time. Waiting time will be charged in 15 minutes increments.  We will monitor your flight through 2 different sources plus an airline website to ensure accurate arrival. In case of a delay we will be arriving at the airport when flight arrives. If delay occured after flight lands (like waiting for the gate) we cannot monitor it so this will be counting into your grace period. If you requested Meet & Greet Service driver will be inside the terminal by baggage claim for domestic arrivals and by welcome center for international arrivals holding up a greeting sign with a name on the reservation. If you need an airport Luggage cart we can pick one up for you but the Airport charges $6.00 fee for them. If you request Curbside Pick up we will text you drivers information as well as car description and license plate and we pull him up outside the terminal in a passenger pick area within couple of minutes. 

Waiting Time Charges:

For Airport Pick Ups: If the customer is not inside the vehicle after 45 minutes for domestic arrival and 75 minutes for international flight we will charge waiting time. Waiting time will be charged in 15 minutes increments. For Pick ups from physical addresses we provide 15 minutes grace period and then we charge waiting time in 15 minutes increments according to car type.

Hourly Jobs: 

Hourly Job is a job that’s stays within certain distance. We provide 2 hours minimum service in Manhattan and 3 hours minimum when it goes within 5 boroughs. Minimum hours must be sequential and cannot be split. On a weekdays hourly jobs in Manhattan are 2 hour minimum for sedans, crossovers & suv’s and 3 hours minimum on a weekends. Vans, Sprinters, Stretch Limousines & ADA Vehicles are 3 hours minimum all the time. Buses are 4 Hour Minimum. If the vehicle leaves 5 boroughs price will update as wait & return and will be charged accourding to mileage, time plus waiting time and tolls if applicable. 

Toll Fees: 

Tolls are calculated manually through www.tollsmart.com website. All toll charges will be calculated with ez pass discounts because drivers requirement is to have ez pass. 

Parking Fees:

Parking Fees occur mostly on the airport pick ups. Some airports provide first 20 minutes for free and then parking fee increases every 30 minutes. Price vary from $3.00 to $12.00 depending on the airport. Parking can occur in Chelsea Piers if customer doesn’t come out at the time of their reservation. In this situation customer is responsible for parking. 


Standard 20% Gratuity is added to the job. We pass it to the driver. If you would like to tip your driver extra for awesome service provided you can do it in cash or you can call us and authorize extra amount on a credit card. Drivers receive 100% of their tips. Gratuity calculated as percentage from base, percentage from waiting time and extra stops and added together.

Fuel Surcharge:

In 5 Boroughs we charge 5% fuel surcharge to help our drivers with a high cost of gasoline. Most of jobs in 5 boroughs of New York City they sit in traffic. From time to time traffic is so heavy that normal job takes double or triple time to complete so this little charge will be passed to the driver. We will remove this fee once fuel price will drop below $2.50 per gallon in New York City.

Airport Fee:

JFK International airport implemented to all vehicles dropping of or picking up or just driving through the airport a $2.75 fee

Congestion Fee:

New York City is about to implement a congestion fee to all vehicles entering Manhattan below 96th Street. Not yet but we will keep everyone posted when this fee and an amount will be added to reservations.

Cancellation Policy:

All reservations must be cancelled only through a formal communication with a company (Phone, Email, SMS, Chat, Fax or Our Online System or Our App). Please don’t cancel or modify your job with a driver. Each type of vehicle has a different cancellation window. Standard Sedans & Crossovers can be cancelled 2 hours prior to pick up in Manhattan and 3 hours prior to pick up in the boroughs or Airport. Luxury Sedans and SUV’s have a 4 hour free cancellation prior to pick up in Manhattan and 5 hours in any other borough or Airports. Vans & Sprinters have a 24 hour (1 Day) free cancellation prior to pick up. Stretch Limousines, Buses  and ADA Vehicles have 48 hour (2 Days) free cancellation. For Out of Town (Far Distance pick ups) 5 hours in advance plus a driving time to pick up location. If driver was assigned to the job that means you passed your cancellation time. For early morning pick ups you must cancel night before since drivers are assigned to those jobs ahead of time. We are not responsible for passenger flights or trains, which are missed, cancelled, diverted, delayed or results in a failure to comply with the above Reservation Agreement. 

No Shows/Late Cancellations:

We take no shows personally. Like you stood us up and didn’t show up for the date. Every No Show will be charged in full plus any additional expense that might occur while we were trying to get to you or waiting for you (Tolls, Parking). Before dismissing the car we will call all the phone numbers on a reservations and also send an email. For domestic arrivals in the airport car will be dismissed if we didn’t hear from you 1 hour after flight arrived and 2 hours for international arrivals. Contact with us could be made through the phone, sms, email, fax, chat, through our app or through our website. In Manhattan No show considered after 45 minutes of waiting without contact. Late cancellation is a full charge but we only charge Base rate without gratuity or surcharges. If driver arrived on location and you trying to cancell the call gratuity for the drivers effort will be charged and passed on to the driver.


Client shall pay for all damages caused by authorized renter or anyone of renter party during the rental period of the vehicle. Other Events Agreement and Liability: Client agrees that there will be no smoking in our vehicles. Client assures that no illegal drugs are brought into our vehicles. Client is not allowed alcoholic beverages in our vehicles unless they booked a Stretch Limousine or a Party Bus. Client agrees that the passenger’s capacity of the vehicle provided shall not be exceeded. In case of misconduct by your party, chauffeur has the right to terminate this agreement without any refunds. A sick policy is also in effect for any one get sick in (throw up) our vehicles and will be charged an additional $150.00 (maintenance fee). LimoCorp of New York reserve the rights to deduct minimum of $250.00 for any necessary cleaning or damage to the vehicle beyond normal wear and tear.


Credit Card is preffered method of payment. All credit cards are processed by our office. We charge once we assign the driver on the day of the reservation. DO NOT pay cash to the driver unless the cash payment has been pre-arranged. We implementing a Bitcoin as a payment in a near future.

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