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Try Chauffeured Car Hourly Service provided by us. Not everyone needs a car in NYC on a daily basis or commutes in everyday. Renting a car to run your errands and dealing with traffic & parking already sounds stressful. We come to help. Take a Chauffeured Car Hourly as directed for couple of hours or a day. All kinds of vehicles provided. As Directed, Multiple stops route, Wait & Return or just Shuttling. We can handle your itinerary. Call us (917) 677-7722 or email us at [email protected]

NYC Street in downtown
Car Hourly ordering will be easier through our app

Our App is in the Oven. After we launch our app it will be easier ordering the car and finding your driver.

(917) 677-7722 Main Line or (212) 203-7336 Hotline.

Car Hourly in NYC. We arrange a Professional Chauffeur with paying attention to the details of your itinerary. Chauffeur provided will be suited to handle any switches in the order of stops or anything that prepends to the trip.  All Chauffeurs are multi year experienced in this industry and know how to handle many situations. 

Many Businesses moved their Headquarters to outside of New York City within an hour or so. Meeting or just a visit your Chauffeur will wait by the entrance, Meeting running late – your Chauffeur waits, Meeting finished early – your Chauffeur is downstairs.

Servicing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania but not limited to anywhere else. Need a far ride for Yourself or your Group, wait for you and bring you back. No problem we can help.

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