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NYC Sightseeing Tours
and out of town travel

Besides regular services we have some special tailored sightseeing and seasonal tours.



Sightseeing Tours available in a NYC Metropolitan Area. Every bus comes with a microphone, wide tinted windows and comfortable seats.



Travel between neighboring Cities. Any types of travels whether you going one way or round trip.

Seasonal Services

Our Seasonal Travel

Travel that comes once a month or once a year. We are here for you. Let us know your plans and we will help you with all your travels.

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    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    Our online reservation system is fully secured with sending information. Everything is integrated into our Software so when you book it it goes directly onto our screen. On a first screen we ask you your travel information to determent the price. Once you get to the second screen you will be presented with your quotes & vehicle options. All quotes do not include tolls or parking fees since that can change. All other fees & taxes included. If you like the price just hit reserve. Don't feel comfortable to enter your credit card online you can reserve it as cash and call your credit card in.

    We are here to accommodate your requests. If you want a certain vehicle or you like specific Chauffeur to drive you just book a reservation and enter your request in comments. We will do our best to make it happen we promise. We learn our clients and we always will throw upgrades and send newer vehicles to our repeat customers. No extra price addons for specific car request. Life happens and if for any reason your request cannot be accommodated you will be notified as soon as possible and we will work out replacement for your travel. 

    If you traveling with Children nothing more important is their safety. We encourage our customers to get a seat from us or bring their own. Driver will help with installation. By law in New York if Children under 7 traveling in a car they must be in a safety seat but we have State Exemption for For Hire Vehicles. Children under age of 7 are permitted to sit on an adult's lap. Our Company able to provide some baby seats but number is limited so advanced reservation might help. Please mention age & baby's weight so we can get the right seat. We have all 3 different types of baby seats but they not all 3 in one. Infant Seat for children under 2, Baby Seat from 2 to 4 and Booster Seat from 4 to 7.

    Pets are part of our life. If you traveling with a pet we will provide full service. Please book in advance since some drivers could be allergic to certain animals. Please keep dogs restrained by their owner at all times. And if possible cats needs to be in a kennel.  

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